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Engineered with highest standards. Comprehensive backup solution with automated backups, automated restores, 90-day backup archive and site migration tools.
Applying updates regularly ensures security holes aren't left unplugged

Get notified when your site goes down
Gives you insight into what is happening with your website and how it’s performing.

Malware scans help identify security breaches so that they can be addressed
Small job doing content updates, some polishing, setup new plugin for your site.

Easily monitor your website rankings.




20% OFF for annual billing.

Can’t decide what you need?

Not sure what you really need? I’ve got three “recommended plans” to give you a starting point, depending on what your needs are, which you can then tweak as you see fit.

What are these services?

If you’re unsure of what each service entails, I’ve got a good run-down of each one here. Failing that, you can always contact me.